In this confusing world of ‘celebrity smile make-overs’, flashy lasers, dangerous unlicensed bleaching chemicals, cheap foreign implants and foreign-made crowns, it’s good to know that there are UK dental professionals who are passionate about excellence and proud to adhere to tried and tested techniques.

Techniques that have stood the test of time, taught in the top UK teaching hospitals, peer reviewed and evidence based, and practised by surgeons with over a quarter of a century of solid experience, using top accredited UK laboratories, experienced craftsmen and women, and authentic top quality equipment and materials.

We are proud to offer PREVENTION and MINIMAL INTERVENTION as a priority.

Our fundamental philosophy is to look after your dental health and help you keep your teeth for life, in an environment where you feel comfortable and confident that your safety, health and well-being are paramount.

We are accredited by the British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme, which means we are amongst the top dental practices in the UK with the highest standards of care and professionalism.