Check Up

Always check our Special Offers page

New Adult Patient check up/consultationincludes x-rays if needed£95.00
Routine adult check upincludes x-rays if needed £89.00
Check up under 18includes x-rays if needed £55.00
Check-up under 10 (includes x-rays if needed)if at least one parent regular attender £45.00
Check-up under 5 (includes x-rays if needed)if at least one parent regular attender FREE
Individual single small x-rayssingle from: (free if with check-up)£15.00
panoramic x-rays(£45 with check-up) £75.00
Same day emergency (non-registered)£150.00
Same day emergency (registered)£79.00


At-home whitening kit with custom traysnormal fee£350.00
Current special offer – limited periodsee our special offers page£149.99


Amalgam (silver metal fillings) only used in special casessmall multiple from each£89.00
Composite resin (‘white’ fillings)small multiple from each£125.00
larger or single fillings will be quoted for separatelyPOA

Root Fillings

Front teeth (incisors/canines)from £499.00
Premolarsfrom £549.00
Back teeth (molars)from £699.00


crownsfrom £800.00
single, complex, special
various types availablequotation givenP.O.A.


Implant consultationIncluding x-rays, report and estimate.£150.00
Single tooth replacement fully restored with precision zirconia crown  £2,950.00
3 tooth bridgeon 2 implants £7,050.00
Bone augmentation /regeneration /graft. Will be discussed as part of treatment plan.from:£500.00


Metal-based frame denturesfrom£2,250.00
Partial acrylic denturefrom £750.00
Single Acrylic full upper or lower denturesfrom £1,250.00
Acrylic full upper and lower denturesfrom £2,500.00
Implant-retained Denturesfull assessment needed 


Complex and surgicalBespoke estimateP.O.A


Maintenance session (regular attenders only) £89.00
Prolonged session, new patient,  and occasional.£145.00
Child hygiene session £45.00
Prophy-jet spray polishair/water spray jet with baking powder £75.00
Fissure sealant (per tooth)from  1 – 6 teeth£65.00
Full mouth fissure sealants (from 7 – 20 teeth)max total £250.00

The above fees are for guidance only.

Bespoke estimates given following consultation.